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Tropical Note Services

Tropical Note Productions is a musical production company committed to creating the finest musical recordings. It is managed by musical innovator, producer, bassist , arranger, and composer Ray Martinez. With the ability to interpret and create a vast array of musical genres, Ray Martinez is at the forefront continuously producing exemplary work. 

Ray Martinez' Legacy
Latin Jazz Fusion

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Ray Martinez' Legacy was created with the idea of connecting musical concepts of Africa and the African Diaspora. This musical innovation fuses Afro-Jazz ( Latin Jazz), the Blues, Funk, and the folklore rhythms of the Caribbean to create familiar yet new sound.

Ray Martinez Sabor Criollo/Hard Salsa Band


Sabor Criollo has been created with the idea to please the taste of the most demanding public, listener and dancer. With its exceptional and hard driving sound, it has been categorized as one of the most outstanding and respected groups in New York City. Sabor Criollo has a vast repertoire within the musical genre that today we call “Salsa.” On his way along the paths of music, this acclaimed conductor left indelible prints in the genres of salsa, and has prominently taken his place in Latin American's popular music within the musical genre that today we call “Salsa.”

      Ray Martinez
      Quartet Jazz


Ray’s Quartet consist of an outstanding line up Musicians interpreting a wide variety of musical genres. His repertoire includes enchanting songs from the Caribbean such as Cha Cha Cha , tropical boleros, and swinging Mambos. This versatile group also has the ability to combine famous Jazz tunes with Latin rhythms. Shifting over to Brazil, Ray’s Quartet, can transport you overseas with the fabulous sounds of Bazanova and Samba. And for those of you who enjoy Listening to classical Jazz, Ray has selected the most popular tunes with traditional Jazz

Musical Productions

Music Equipment

Not sure how to make the recording you're envisioning come to life? Work with Ray Martinez, a forty year musical industry veteran experienced to shape your sound into something uniquely yours. He will work with you from start to finish to produce work you'll be proud of. Contact Ray to see how Tropical Note can help your next recording sound amazing

Muscial Arrangements

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"A creative individualist of the highest order, Ray Martinez posseses the ability to tour from genre to genre fusing Old World and New World experiences effortlessly, penning innovative musical compositions and arrangements." From hard salsa, to tropical boleros, to jazz fusion, to blues and straight ahead jazz, Ray Martinez is commited to inspiring audiences both new and experienced creating the finest musical arrangements.

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